Epic Journey of Fish from Ocean to Table

Here is a short two pager on what really happens between fish being caught and fish being bought by consumers in the market. It really is not what you think. There is a common misperception of “fresh fish”. Most fish marketed as fresh fish simply means the fish is freshly landed/ offloaded; not necessarily freshly caught. With dwindling fish stocks, fishers need to venture out a lot further from the coast line. In order to make their trip profitable (enough catch to compensate high fuel usage to go far distances), fishers need a huge catch and therefore stay in the fishing ground a lot longer. Therefore, if you want legit fresh fish, sustainability of fish stocks is a key component to ensure safe, delicious, healthy, and legitimately fresh fish.

Indonesian fishery infographic
Indonesian fishery infographic
Indonesian fishery infographic
Indonesian fishery infographic

Indonesia is one of the largest seafood exporters, providing seafood to numerous countries such as USA, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan (mainly tuna) and lots of others. So my dear friends in Boston, seafood you eat might actually be from Indonesia! Sustainability in the ocean is a concern for all since we have this fish connection 😉 

3 thoughts on “Epic Journey of Fish from Ocean to Table

  1. Hello Elle! Thanks for the very interesting insights! It is looks and sound like you are learning a lot and enjoying it! The poster is beautiful and educational… perfect combo! Keep up the great work.

    Your big fan, Uncle W.


    1. Uncle Warren! 😀 Thanks! Yes, very true, everyday is a learning experience and I love it. The more I know the more complicated Indonesian fisheries seem to be though hahah. Thanks a lot Uncle 😀


  2. Thanks for the informative article. I eat lots of fish have always wondered how they are processed. I also like your petition and will sign it. As a person of color, we need to band together to end this curious, unnecessary and historic bias of brown skinned people.


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