Fishery Science 101

Fishery science is often confused with its cousin subject: marine biology. They are similar and related but not identical. Like most branches in science, everything is connected. In the realm of fisheries science itself, there are numerous foci that one can study. However, to elucidate the differences and similarities between marine biology and fisheries science,Continue reading “Fishery Science 101”

Fishing the Line: Out of Fish and Out of Time

(This article was written for and published by in February 2016) Growing up in an archipelago, I listened to tales of the sea, with its bountiful nature and troughs of treasures. It is inconceivable that one day, all of those fish could cease to exist. We hold steadfast to the notion that the ocean willContinue reading “Fishing the Line: Out of Fish and Out of Time”

Epic Journey of Fish from Ocean to Table

Here is a short two pager on what really happens between fish being caught and fish being bought by consumers in the market. It really is not what you think. There is a common misperception of “fresh fish”. Most fish marketed as fresh fish simply means the fish is freshly landed/ offloaded; not necessarily freshlyContinue reading “Epic Journey of Fish from Ocean to Table”